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Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019   
Award Winner
Axtinguisher  Matthew80225 (1 kills with axtinguisher)
Back Scatter  Mr. Potato™ (1 kills with back scatter)
Backstab Kills  to u (8 Most backstab kills)
Beggar's Bazooka  Tokyoghoul [Dragon Kagune] (2 kills with dumpster device)
Best Latency   demoknight tf2 (20 ms average connection)
Best Sentryguns - Level 1  illuminati230 (1 kills with sentrygun (level 1))
Best Sniper  Caffeine (4 snipings as sniper)
Black Rose  Springuti GG | Youtube (1 kills with black rose)
Bleed Kill  poochu (2 bleed kills)
Brass Beast  屋咖咖 (1 kills with brass beast)
Captures Blocked  absolutely not jeff (3 captures blocked)
Connivers's Kunai  to u (10 kills with conniver's kunai)
Conscientious Objector  [BS]Meppy (2 kills with conscientious objector)
Crossing Guard  absolutely not jeff (28 kills with crossing guard)
Disciplinary Action (8 kills with disciplinary action)
Dominator  Matthew80225 (4 dominations)
Enforcer  Literal Trash (1 kills with enforcer)
Fire Spitter  hi3N (2 kills with flamethrower)
Flags Captured  illuminati230 (4 flags captured)
Flags Defended  illuminati230 (2 flags defended)
Flare Gunner  Matthew80225 (1 kills with flare gun)
Flying Guillotine  Mr. Potato™ (1 kills with guillotine)
Frying Pan (3 kills with frying pan)
Grenade Launcher  [BS]Meppy (10 kills with grenade launcher)
Gunman  bbgun053 (2 kills with minigun)
Half-Zatoichi  Matthew80225 (11 kills with half-zatoichi)
Headshot Kills  to u (9 Most headshot kills)
Holiday Punch  Thomas (7 kills with holiday punch)
Hwg Shotgun  ๖ۣۜMc.Tân (1 kills with shotgun hwg)
Iron Bomber  rororo (4 kills with iron bomber)
Iron Curtain  Thomas (1 kills with iron curtain)
Jag  [BS]Meppy (1 kills with jag)
Kill Assists  absolutely not jeff (5 kill assists)
Knife Maniac  sTar pLutiNAm (4 knifings)
Liberty Launcher  illuminati230 (1 kills with liberty launcher)
Longest Death Streak  Tokyoghoul [Dragon Kagune] (9 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  hi3N (10 kills)
Longest Play Time  Matthew80225 (01:28:52h hours)
Machina  to u (6 kills with machina)
Market Gardener  absolutely not jeff (2 kills with market gardener)
Most Deaths  Awetism (39 deaths)
Most Improved Player  Matthew80225 (133 points gained)
Most Kills  absolutely not jeff (41 kills)
Most Points Healed  bbgun053 (475 points healed)
Most Suicides  Matthew80225 (9 suicides)
Most Valuable Player (1 wins as mvp)
Natascha  Tokyoghoul [Dragon Kagune] (1 kills with natascha)
Panic Attack  absolutely not jeff (4 kills with panic attack)
Powerjack  hi3N (4 kills with powerjack)
Primary Shotgun  [BS]Meppy (1 kills with shotgun primary)
Prinny Machete  Awetism (28 kills with prinny machete)
Pyro Shotgun  [BS]Meppy (1 kills with shotgun pyro)
Rescue Ranger  MILHOUSE (1 kills with rescue ranger)
Reserve Shooter  absolutely not jeff (1 kills with reserve shooter)
Revenger  Awetism (3 revenges)
Rocket Launcher  snas (16 kills with rocket launcher)
Scattergunner  hi3N (5 kills with scattergun)
Scout Pistol  hi3N (2 kills with scout pistol)
Showdown  Matthew80225 (1 kills with showdown)
Spy-cicle  Literal Trash (3 kills with spy-cicle)
Stickybomb Launcher  MILHOUSE (5 kills with stickybomb launcher)
Sun-on-a-Stick  Mr. Potato™ (1 kills with sun-on-a-stick)
The Ambassador  drifting QQ (3 kills with ambassador)
The Direct Hit  Matthew80225 (4 kills with direct hit)
The Escape Plan  snas (2 kills with escape plan)
The Huntsman  illuminati230 (2 kills with sniper bow)
The Original  hi3N (9 kills with original)
Tomislav  Matthew80225 (2 kills with tomislav)
Winger   demoknight tf2 (1 kills with winger)